Custom Image Recognition API

in the Internet of Things

  • Power smart IoT applications
  • Automate routine monitoring
  • Bring intelligence to your current hardware
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Use cases

Explore how Custom image recognition API is used in IoT.

Safety and compliance monitoring

Gain deeper insights from you image data using image recognition.

Smart cameras & sensors

Automatically recognize objects, scenes and actions from cameras and create actionable workflows.

Autonomous drone monitoring

Automating visual monitoring via autonomous drones.

Next generation of smart machines

Power the next generation of advanced machines with custom image recognition.

Custom needs

And many more. Start training your own or contact us for consultation.

Need more? We can assist you.

If you can't train your custom recognition and you want to use prepared recognition models, need visual search in your collection of images or simply anything else in the area of computer vision & machine learning — we are here to help.

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