Machine learning for industrial vision applications

We support industrial leaders and develop innovative machine learning solutions for image recognition

Our knowledge

Machine Vision

Vision cameras, Lighting, Mounting and Programming

Machine Learning

Neural Networks, Abstract Image Recognition, Pattern recognition

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Explore where machine learning image recognition helps in industries.

Material detection

Pattern recognition enables detection of materials hard to recognize using standard vision.


Machine learning enables human level and abstract concept inspection across multiple industries.


Machine learning enables sorting of imprecise materials like wood, liquid or food.


Machine learning enables logistic centers to reduce human inspection and workload.


Machine learning enables airports to automate procedures and ensure safety.


Machine learning enables reducing waste in agriculture and food processing.

We provide

Machine learning expertise

We have developed multiple end-customer solutions and served over 2000 developers over web API. Our vision experts have met with over 3000 visual tasks.

Cameras and embedded hardware

We understand the hardware you need to run machine learning model as well as lighting conditions, mounting, and camera.

Software implementation

We have developed a unique system to manage visual data for machine learning to simplify setup process and development time.

Innovative technology

Get to production faster

Save time and money

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If you can't train your custom recognition and you want to use prepared recognition models, need visual search in your collection of images or simply anything else in the area of computer vision & machine learning — we are here to help.

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